Anonymous: have you ever thought about doing decals for like laptops?

No, we haven’t thought about that. Perhaps some time in the future. Stay tuned ;-)

Dec 17 6:13
Anonymous: where's your location?

Skreened is based in Ohio, USA. We live in 4 different continents :-)

Dec 14 20:02 with 1 note
javierbardumb-deactivated201403: hey is a dani alves or pique shirt on the cards? ;) by the way your designs are great!

Yes. All 1st team players will have their own t-shirt. Just wait and see!

Glad you like them!

Dec 14 20:01 with 1 note
Anonymous: i LOVE your shirts! One question, how long does it take to ship to France?

Shipping time varies. It depends on the shipping option you choose. Skreened offers international customers these options:

  • DHL International - $7.99
  • USPS International Priority - $15.99
  • USPS International Express - $42.99

As far as I know those are flat shipping rate, which means it doesn’t matter how many T-Shirts you buy, as long as they are shipped to one address you will get just one shipping rate of your choice.

More info on shipping can be read here.

Dec 14 18:38 with 1 note
Anonymous: a tweet tweet shirt with the three musketeers?

Are you suggesting that we make a tweet tweet shirt with Thiago, JDS, and Rafinha? That’s a good idea :)

What do you guys think, though? Any other ideas for t-shirt? Who should we make next?

Dec 14 1:48 with 15 notes
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